The Colour Out of Space

The_Color_Out_Of_Space.jpgA while back, our local godless communist public radio station (KQED) held its regularly scheduled talk show in the 9-10 am slot, Forum.  The topic was the appointment of the new “Security Czar” of the intertubes for the Obama administration, and they had a number of “computer security experts” to discuss it.  Besides talking about the politics, the show revolved around the issue of the threats faced by pretty much everyone because we are now fully dependent upon the intertubes and computer technology in general for pretty much everything.

Being who I am, I just had to capitalize on the opportunity to talk to these experts on this public forum and ask them a couple of questions I had on the subject at hand.  Sadly, due to my limitations as a questioner I didn’t quite make my point clear in the questions I was allowed to ask.

(Thanks to the wonders of the intertubes, you can find the MP3 of the episode here and I come in at the 33 minute mark)

However, I don’t think it was simply my lack of skills that was the source of the misunderstanding.  The fundamental issue that the experts were discussing was the security of our networks and the security of our computerized systems in general.  The questions over how we protect ourselves in this digital age and why in heaven’s name we simple aren’t doing so in the 21st century.

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