The French Have No Word For Entrepreneur

So Bob Pasker has a typically thoughtful response to my post regarding the changes I’ve made to the infrastructure of the Prime Mover simulation framework. The regaling of my adventures reminds him of his conclusion that Java is a lousy language for building infrastructure.
It’s something that I never really thought about, personally. It’s not that I haven’t cursed Java for some reason or another on a continual basis since I started programming in it. But that’s always the way it is when you’re pushing the limits of what a language is capable of and what a system is designed to do. You love to hate it and the very fact that it fights against you as you bend, fold and mutilate it, in the process of violating the warranty is just our way of saying that we really love it – really, we do. Sure, it’s not a healthy relationship, but then again, specializing in these kinds of things has never really been healthy.
Now, I must say that, in defense of proposition that Java as a fantastic language for building infrastructure, that the “pain and suffering” I experienced (not really, but I know it looks that way from the outside) in the refactoring of the guts of the Prime Mover infrastructure really didn’t have anything to do with the shortcomings of Java as an infrastructure programming language per se. Indeed, the primary library that I’ve made use of in this project, the ASM byte code engineering framework, has proven to be a superlative tool for doing precisely the kind of stuff that Bob reminisces about WRT the days of the wild, wild west – back when we had to wrangle byte codes with our bare hands and force them to our will using nothing more than our teeth and a screwdriver.
Rather, all the issues I documented wrt Prime Mover have been problems of my own making – in the end, I’m always the worst enemy I have. Far outstripping any puny terror and punishment that Guy Steel or the hordes of Orc programmers over at JavaSoft can dish out.

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