Distributing OSGi

At this year’s EclipseCon, I went to a talk by Jan Rellermeyer regarding his R-OSGi system. His stuff is open source, which you can find here. The slides for his talk are available here. It’s extremely interesting and I would suggest anyone who’s interested in the distributed OSGi stream to both download and play with the r-OSGi system and to read the paper and presentation. In particular, I think that his discussion of the alternatives vis a vis Jini, UPnP and SLP is quite illuminating.
After I went to Jan’s talk I went back to my cave and started to play around with my own version of the system. I had been playing with SLP (Service Location Protocol) quite a bit in other distributed systems and it was quite obvious after Jan’s talk that SLP and OSGi are a good fit. However, I was rather troubled by the degree that SLP was exposed to the end programmer and started on my own implementation.
What I ended up with is a system which has, I believe, a minimal surface exposed to the end programmers of an OSGi system. From the service interaction perspective of the programmer, the only mechanism which is added to standard OSGi is the way you indicate which services you would like to import into your local OSGi process registry. There is no exposure of SLP or any other system for discovering services. Rather, the system simply makes use of the already existing mechanisms in OSGi for discovering services – i.e. the service registry, filters, ServiceReferences and ServiceTrackers n’ such.

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