And Then Hemingway Punched Me In The Mouth

groundhog_day.jpgFrom my own point of view, I continually say lines from movies, expecting people to understand their applicability to the current context, but given that I often find myself looking at a lot of confused, blank stares when I say these things without explanation.  Consequently, I show the image on the right as context.  It’s a scene from the movie Groundhog Day.  In this scene, Bill Murray’s character is going to kill himself for the umpteenth zillion first time by driving a truck off the cliff of a quarry.  As you can see, the groundhog is actually driving the car as the police are chasing them at high speed.  The line in question – i.e the line I would say which would then draw blank stares – is what Bill Murray’s character is saying to the groundhog at this precise moment in the scene:

“Don’t drive angry!  You should never drive when you’re angry”

And that’s pretty much what I would say about tweeting when you’re angry: don’t do it.

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