Spice is Not a Recreational Drug

Thumbnail image for Recreational-Drugs-Are-There-Any-Other-Kind-Posters.jpgWell, it seems our friends at Sun have decided that their Spicetm Enhanced brains are completely sufficient to create an entirely new – but far simpler, mind you – module system for the JDK.  Mark “I’m just a simple Guild Navigator” Reinhold has spent a number of blog posts doing the electronic equivalent of the Dance of the Seven Veils, culminating with revealing the aptly named Project Jigsaw.

First off, what Spicetm Enhanced marketing mind came up with the name Jigsaw?  I mean, really.  Who thought it would be a good idea to associate a “simpler” module system with a 1500 piece puzzle set that is composed of pieces that look terrifyingly all similar and takes multiple people multiple months to put it together?

Marketing brilliance!

But this, of course, is really just the beginning of the insanity.

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