Nice little gem – JNA

Just found the Java Native Access library for dynamic access to native libraries without JNI. Sweet. Had been using the JNI wrapper, which provided similar functionality, (but cost money and had licensing encrustations) previously. Glad to see this available as it makes it far easier for me to start integrating with C based physics engines (ODE) and 3D gaming engines (OGRE) in the 3rd Space project.

2 thoughts on “Nice little gem – JNA

  1. I just discovered JNA also, but if you trying to integrate ODE and OGRE with JNA, you’re wasting your time IMO. Ogre will be about 10x slower (according to the JNA developers). Take a look at Ogre4j, and ODEJava, both of which are Java bindings to Ogre4j and ODE, but written with JNI (which is much faster, as native calls are not determined at run-time).

  2. I’ve actually done a bit of work in this area since I wrote this post. I worked with the underlying mechanism for the OGRE4J project, so I could get things running on the Mac. It’s what I intend to use moving forward.

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