A Couple Good Books

Despite living in the online digital age where PDF rules, and despite loving my Kindle, I find that pretty much nothing beats a book – still. And although my vast library still has books largely unread, I can’t help but buy more. Myself, I find that the number of books I have unread and thus undiscovered in my library a more pleasant metric than the books I’ve already read. Sure, I treasure the books I’ve already tasted, but the ones I have yet to discover are the ones that give me pleasure…
Anyways, I got two very good books – as yet unread, naturally – from Amazon today and I can’t wait to start applying and diving into both of them.
The prize of the two is Foundations Of Multidimensional and Metric Data Structures. It’s a 1000 page, oversized book on just what the title proclaims: a comprehensive work on multidimensional and metric data structures. Amazing stuff and quite dense – both literally and figuratively. The paper is that fantastic, acid free glossy textbook paper that can be used as a bullet proof fabric substitute in a pinch.
Anyways, it’s a 2006 copyright and it’s absolutely stunning in its depth. As the foreword reads, this book is encyclopedic, organizing a bewildering array of spatial and multi-dimensional indexing methods into a coherent field. Very cool stuff, to say the least.
The second book promises to be a very good read as well: 3D Game Engine Architecture – Engineering Real-Time Applications with Wild Magic. Although the book is about a specific engine, it’s really – as one reviewer put it – the longest and probably best done architecture documentation ever done. I was looking for a book on the subject that really went into the architecture of such a system, not just a mere retelling of how great the code was and sparse commentary around it. From what I can tell so far, the book seems to live up to this promise.