My leg is wet. He’s telling me that it’s raining, but he’s peeing on it.

Wow. I walked into the ballroom for the keynote and found that they had squeezed the room in half from the configuration it was in yesterday. We discussed this amongst ourselves and wondered about it out loud. Sitting down, we realized that perhaps this was intentional, to give the illusion that the room was packed.
Should have been a warning sign I paid attention to.
Sam Ramji got on the stage and did the prerequisite jokes about MicroSoft and Opensource. So it was funny in that uncomfortable way you have when your hated boss tells a decent joke or three in a row. But then Sam settled down into what was clearly a PR powerpoint campaign, letting us all know that M$ was, in fact, a pioneer in open source development and how rather than being something they were against, it was something they invented.
Anyways, it was probably the most boring keynote I’ve ever been to in my entire life and believe me, I’ve sat through some doozies of KeyNotestm at HarkonnenWorld over the years, not to mention the lower strata of Smalltalk conferences in Times Square that I have participated in.
I can’t claim that I was actually surprised by this, but I was disappointed… Contrasted with yesterday’s keynote by FSJ, it was a particularly bad choice for today.