Fake Steve Jobs

Count me as one of those who left the fan base of FSJ after he was revealed. But it was really only for a few months. Well, weeks really. Okay, 6 days. Almost a week. Basically, I couldn’t get away from the god damned blog because everyone kept sending me links and like a heroin junkie, I kept following them.
In any event, FSJ did the opening key note for this year’s EclipseCon. Pretty funny guy even in person – something that I was pretty worried about. Funny in writing is a different skill than funny in real time, in front of thousands. He was excellent.
Sadly, he shied away from the whole “Freetards” schtick that is actually a cornerstone of his blog entries. The Larry as Zod doppleganger bit was priceless. We like to call him the “Baron” here at House Harkonnen, but Zod is a pretty good stand in.