Blade Running

Remember the scene in Bladerunner where Harrison Ford’s character used his multi-function TV thingy to create a three dimensional view of a two dimensional photograph so that he could go poking around in the scene in search of clues? At the time, I was pretty skeptical because I didn’t think there could be enough three dimensional information embedded in a two dimensional photograph to do what he was doing in the film.
Turns out I was wrong. Some very smart people at Stanford have put together a sweet algorithm that takes regular two dimensional photos and turns them into three dimensional scenes. They have a web site that allows you to upload your own photographs so you can try their warez out for yourself.

Event processing mania

So, as many of you may already know (and if you don’t, then you’re way out of date, dude), Oracle acquired the Tangosol company and their Coherence product some time ago. Over the last half year, I’ve been working on some very cool stuff related to the whole data grid aspect of Coherence which I must say is pretty much the most bitchin’ stuff I’ve done in quite a while.
Well, that was until I started my hobby project.

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