100% Pure Java OS Process Control

One of the things that frustrates me to no end is the lack of real process management facilities in Java. Sure, it’s a hard thing to do cross platform but for the love of “Bob” why on earth can’t you at least provide adequate models for the stuff that has existed since – I don’t know – THE BEGINNING OF TIME?
Okay, okay. Slack.
One of the fallouts of the lack of apparent support for the management of underlying operating system processes is that you now get C based management forced down your throat. This inherently sucks because now you have platform based dependencies and – even worse – you invariably have the people doing this who are, shall we say, non-OO experts (that is, C++ people who understand Java syntax only because it’s so “C-like”). Having railed against this issue numerous times and gotten nowhere, I finally have had the need to actually produce a 100% pure Java OS process management framework for the project I’m currently working on.
One of the things that never ceases to amaze me about the architecture and design of new systems is the process of shedding preconceptions that happens once you finally get sucked into the system after batting it about from a distance while you’re sizing it up. It’s something I dearly love about this profession in that the process is a transformation of your mind set as well as an act of creation.

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OSGi Tutorials

Neil has put up a summary of the parts of his excellent OSGi tutorials at the EclipseZone.

Very nice stuff if you’re interested in learning about OSGi and are mystified by the spec.
Of course, the Spring/OSGi framework makes all of this a piece of cake – ;)