EclipseCon: Day One

Scammed a “committer” shirt from the conference. Really, it was all innocent. When I registered, the nice woman who was taking my registration asked if I was a “commuter”. Well, at least, that’s what I thought she said. “Yes,” I helpfully replied – hell, I had just spent an hour driving from my secluded fortress of silence to Santa Clara. “Go to that table after you’re done here and we have a nice shirt for you.”
So, I head over to the table and she takes my badge and consults a list. “Gee,” I think to myself, “amazing technology that they have which knows – in advance – whether I was commuting to EclipseCon would take information sharing between the organizers of the convention and surrounding hotels on a scale that boggles the imagination.” But perhaps the DHS has tendrils that are far more pervasive than even my fevered, paranoid mind could imagine.
“I’m sorry, but you’re not on the list.” What? I’m not on the list? “Of course, I’m on the list”. Confused, the nice lady asked, “So you have been okay’d by the person on the other side?” “Of course.” I replied with confidence. So she wrote down my name on the list – so lord knows someone is going to get a laugh from that one – and she handed me my quite nice button shirt with the “Eclipse Committer” embroidered badge.
Psyche! Here I thought I was going to get a “commuter” shirt and I end up with a open source deputy’s badge. I rule the town of RockRidge.
Key Note by Scott Adams: All I can say is that it is pretty surreal to sit in a room with thousands of geeks reading Dilbert cartoons. Granted, it’s funny and he’s got a lot of interesting stories behind the cartoons. I don’t, however, for a moment believe that he was passed up for promotions because of “diversity” requirements. But then, any one who loves to dig him self deeper with this I.D. crap can’t be expected to do anything less.
Met one of my very old friends Hendrik, and Dave L. was there as well. Kind of like the old OOPSLAs, as I was promised by Herr Milinkovitch.
Went to a talk by the guy who heads up Mylar Tasks: very cool stuff. I’m now starting to use it in my work and it really is an amazing piece of work. Again, another reason why IDEA is losing out to Eclipse. Really, there’s no reason why the Mylar guys shouldn’t be doing this for IntelliJ – so something has got to be going on. The stuff that the Mylar guys are planning seems quite aggressive and a bit overreaching – everyone wants to rule the world, I suppose – but no doubt will still be worth using.
Google summer of code – ho hum. “what did you learn?” bizarre. Sometimes I think that Google really is nothing but a glorified IT department filled with Dilberts.
Short talks
RMI in OSGi – seems like a lot of the problem could be solved by the Spring context class loader rather than the wild, wild west of the service registry only/bundle nightmare. Context is everything.
OSGi and the JBoss Microcontainer – love the Russians. Microcontainer is a fine grained state machine for managing dependencies. Scoped metadata. Aspectized deployment ??? Integration points: Metadata. Seems like their metadata model is much slicker than the Spring namespace extension model, but that’s something easily fixed. Controller – dependency state machine – seems like a stunning degree of overkill and over modeling. Lifecycle transitions modeled with state machine. Overall, seems like a seriously severe case of the second system effect. Lot’s of wrapping. Man, this is going to suck. Seems to me that I remember a time when JBoss was telling us that the old JMX microcontainer was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I guess this is even better than that ;)

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