Eclipse Vs. IntelliJ IDEA III

Okay, now that I’ve been playing with Eclipse for a week, things are kind of back to some semblance of normalcy. Once that blue pill dissolves in you stomach, things ain’t so bad. And the lobotomy surely helps (although I can’t remember why).
Still, there’s a lot of annoyances and little odd quirks of Eclipse that should be noted. One is that it’s pretty much impossible to deal with hierarchal source code bases in any easy way. Eclipse doesn’t (seem to) have any way of excluding subtrees from a project which are “owned” by a project in that sub tree. Yes, I know you can exclude things as a source folder. But all that does is create a replica of the subtree in the parent project which isn’t a Java source folder – it’s it’s all still there an annoying the hell out of you.
And this example – and believe me, this is just one – is really a symptom of a disease we are all infected with as programmers. We have a mind set on how work is done and that bleeds through everything we do – despite our best efforts. Eclipse is plainly a result of a lot of ex Smalltalkers and VisualAgers. Very 90’s in a lot of ways.
Still, this is just issues that I have moving from something I’m intimately familiar with and have grown quite comfortable with – i.e. IntelliJ. IDEs and text editors are kind of like your underwear. If you change brands or styles, it can be quite uncomfortable until you get used to it. Hell, look at all the flame wars between Emacs and VI users (BTW, I’m an Emacs user, so suck it up VI weenie).
Now that I have the source code control all figured out (man, what a pain to figure out), I think I’m going to stay in the new house. It’ll be nice not having to pay for an editor that I can’t really figure out how to adapt (sorry, that’s just me). The simple fact is that Eclipse has a stunningly huge community and there’s a zillion plug ins out there – of varying quality, of course. But there’s a shit load of them out there, and building your own is actually not that hard.
And the thing that is the clincher for me is the fact that Eclipse is built on OSGi. Every Eclipse plugin is an OSGi bundle. Since I am now basing all my work on OSGi, and given that Eclipse is now the de facto development environment for OSGi, it’s a no brainer. I wish that I could continue to use IntelliJ, but it’s simply not an option any longer. They have a different plugin module, and getting the built in support for OSGi will simply not happen any time soon unless I actually take the lead and do it myself – something I really am quite frankly not even interested in since I already have Eclipse.
I wish the IntelliJ folks well and hope to god that the produce something in the future which will tempt me to throw money at them again, but for now I’m going to have to hang man testicles on the wall and become an Eclipse weenie.
God, I feel so dirty.

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