Um, is this thing on?
So, I got rather tired of only having a political blog and since I didn’t really have much relevant to say (not that this stopped me from saying a lot), I’m finally starting up a tech blog. The two audiences have a vanishingly small intersection. No one who comes to a political blog likes to hear the ins and outs of OSGi programming and the subtleties of large scale distributed systems screaming in the night. On the other hand, not many in the technical audience are appreciative of why political blogging even exists.
In any event, here’s the first posting of my technical blogging. Needless to say, this blog is my own personal endeavor and in no way represents the views of my employer, House Harkonnen Oracle Corporation. All mistakes, laughable gaffs and bizarre diatribes are mine and mine alone.

2 thoughts on “Frist

  1. Housewarming presents. Nice place you got here.
    Anyone who is building a fusion reactor in his basement should have his technical blog read… and should have neighbors who can keep a really close eye on him!

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